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Los Locos Stallions

Los Locos specializes in the Paso Fino breed of horses. The Paso Fino is a Latin-American breed of smoothly-gaited, versatile, and intelligent horses. They are just true charmers. To meet one is to love one is to own as many as possible!   Click HERE for more information on this wonderful breed.

Our breeding goal is not for the show ring per se, but to introduce Paso Finos to the general public, for the smooth Cadillac ride they have. We want to introduce to those who don't know, a new smooth gaited horse to the baby boomers who are older and need a horse that they can ride for hours and not hurt when they are done.  

We want a shorter backed, stockier built conformation, smooth gaits and great temperament.  Size is not as important as gait. Once you get a 14 HH Paso Fino, full of brio under you, it feels as if you are on a 16hh horse. Most of us older generation have difficulty getting on a taller horse. 14-15 HH is our goal.   Color is not important to us, although Sue  LOVES
a nice buckskin.

Gait is VERY VERY important. Our stallions were chosen for Gait. Most all of their sires, dams, grand sires and dams have histories of winning in their class and moving on to championships. Temperament is very important; our Paso Fino stallions are like little puppies.  We trail ride Marengo de Dios,and Robert Ba too.

We offer the bloodlines of Coral LaCe, Latigo, Ladrillo, Que Tal lines, Fabuloso QC, Toledo, and Majestuoso. Top ten sires and dams over the years frequent the bloodlines of our horses.

  In our neck of the woods, most folk have never heard of a Paso Fino.





We also have a miniature/pony cross stallion 

Last Updated: May 27, 2005
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