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Los Locos Equine 

Is suspended due to illness. 


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Adam &



                                  PLEASE NOTE!

A Man named Curtis Doyle, living at 1601 Wooded Pine # 602, Houston  Tx. bought a horse on Payments in 2000. He has not honored his contract. He is a self defense instructor. His last known business, was named NASDI, ( Curt Doyle's North American School of self defense Institute) at 3703 Stuebner in Spring, Tx. He also travels frequently around the country doing seminars. NADSI has denied associating with him, and even stooped so low as to threaten me.( see links below) Yet the NASD company name in Tx. Is still in Curt's name. He does still have the horse & the Business. He owes $650.00, plus interest, since 2000. This is not a man to be trusted. He has probably ruined payment plans on horses from me for future buyers. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS MAN! Contact me if you have any questions. E-mail & Ph # on home page.

In Late Oct. & early Nov. 2003,a man named Curt allegedly e-mailed me, to make a deal, he was offered a reduced payment to finalize this, TWICE, so far nothing..............................




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Los Locos Equine Services
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Last Updated: May 27, 2005
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