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Guest Book

Paso Fino stallion buddies, Phantom of the Opera LS, and Marengo de Dios, at home at LosLocos Equine Services in Ohio.

Below are some of the comments left for us by viewers. 

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Name: Tom Hins
Comments: comments:  Really like your little boy for sale, unfortunately I don't have a stud area and the wife would kill me if I tried to buy him.  Like your site except the music gets a little repetitive! lol.  Have a great day.
Date: April 23, 2003
Name: Mike & Lynn Ohara
Comments: Sue,
Nice website!  Add us to your list of references. We recommend you guys all
the time. Would it be okay if we put a link to your site on ours? Ours is  Lots of Luck! Lynn and Mike Ohara
Date: 3/15/2003
Name: Tracey
Comments: comments:  I purchased a mare from Sue at Los Locos, sight unseen, and she is everything she promised and more. She arrived here in beautiful condition. Her ground manners are outstanding, she is fearless and fun on the trails also! I would not hesitate to buy from Sue again!
Thanks Sue, we just love her!
Date: 3/16/2003
Name: Cheryl & Paul  Snyder
Hello-I'm wondering if you could add a link for STOLEN HORSES? Our horse "CANDY" was stolen from our trainers' barn in the middle of the night on 4/17/03, in Orchard, Texas (Houston area). If her link is working properly, it's at:
"CANDY" is also on the netposse and websites-look for horses stolen in Texas.
There have been nearly 500 "hits" & today it's being a little temperamental, but this IS A LEGITIMATE theft, and there is a SUBSTANTIAL REWARD for information leading to her SAFE return. If you need more information, or would like me to send you flyers via regular postal mail, please call me at:
281-829-9046, or email me directly at:
Thanks for your time & consideration. I got your name off the "againstslaughter" groups on you getting ripped off by a guy who has your horses. I am truly sorry for your heartbreak and I hope this guy gets caught soon & does jail time for this! Wouldn't this be classified under "horse theft"? Because he actually does have your horses & has not paid for them....hmmm...just wondering...
Cheryl & Paul Snyder-Houston, Texas


Date: Aug. 26,2003
Name: Judy Handel, Bansidhe Graphics
Comments: Here you go, Sue.  Good luck on your new site.  Thank you for teaching me about Paso Finos.  : )
Date: March 13/03
Last Updated: August 26, 2003
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