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please note, until I get website updated.  it is so far behind 

Also please look over site well! I am trying to help some friends sell their pasos too, we need to get the word out! I am not sure where they are yet. I thought I put em under sales,but???

here is one

A paso for sale for friends!

I have a Paso Fino mare I need to sell.  Picture and information is
available on any of the following links.  $1400 price is negotiable.
Please crosspost anywhere that's appropriate if not already posted.
Thanks for your help!

Thanks again,
Shelley Watts
Frost, Texas (between Dallas and Waco)

I have a pic too

also please check  these sites for other thefts,

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A Man named Curtis Doyle, living at 1601 Wooded Pine # 602, Houston  Tx. bought a horse on Payments in 2000. He has not honored his contract. He is a self defense instructor. His last known business, was named NASDI, ( Curt Doyle's North American School of self defense Institute) at 3703 Stuebner in Spring, Tx. He also travels frequently around the country doing seminars. NADSI has denied associating with him, and even threatened me. Which is a lie, see links below. He does still have the Business & the horse. He owes $650.00, plus interest, since 2000. This is not a man to be trusted. He has probably ruined payment plans on horses from me for future buyers. PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS MAN! Contact me if you have any questions. E-mail & Ph # on home page.



About Los Locos Equine Services

Los Locos specializes in the Paso Fino breed of horses. The Paso Fino is a Latin-American breed of smoothly-gaited, versatile, and intelligent horses, that are just true charmers. To meet one is to love one is to own as many as possible! 

Los Locos has a long list of satisfied customers, ranging from hauling clients to those who bought horses or breedings from the stallions. Sue operates her business with friendliness, honesty, and a true passion for her work:  horses.

Thanks for stopping by to learn more about Los Locos!

Last Updated: May 31, 2005
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