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Listed Below are some of the kind folks we have done business with. Please feel free to e-mail them about their experiences with our transportation service, or sales. Safe transport of your animals is ALWAYS our NUMBER ONE concern, so if a delay occurs, please know it is for a GOOD reason. We will try to keep you informed of our progress at all times, although it is sometimes hard to get a cell tower.

Paul has driven accident-free for over 30 years.  Sue has been into horses nearly all her life, and has been a nurse for over 25 years. They will do their best to treat your animals as if they were their own, with as best care as possible.

We hope you will consider us for your transportation needs!

Leslie Kirik (HHYRA)

 Rebecca Dodson 

Julie Walsh 

Tony J. Puriffe

Connie & Paul Ewing 

Beth Wertschnig

Vickie & Wally Powell
Ph # 396-294-1755 

Carol Apel Tufts 

Charlie Gray 

Cyndi Langenderfer
lightning hit them too

Charles Freeman

Carolyn Sams

Susan J. Todd

Joyce Cox

Terri Steiner

Karen Williams

Sharon & Carl Britnell

Gerry Trupia

Catherine Gaffney

Clayton Johnson 

Connie Whaley 

Lara Mullins

I would like to throw my comments in here on this horse transport conversation.  I have had horses transported or arranged transport for many horses over the years and the comments made previously are correct, do not go for JUST the low price.  Definitely check references.  There is a huge difference in the care your horse will get.  And I would like to add that I have used LosLocos (Sue and Paul Stewart) and all their references checked out as excellent, plus my experience with them was excellent.  No, I am not related to them, just relating that a fellow list member in the business of transporting does an excellent job. 
Barbara Snyder
WildCreek Farm
Dales Ponies and Gypsy Cobs

----- Original Message -----
From: Darlene Brestelli
Sent: Monday, October 14, 2002 2:16 PM
Subject: [TWHbreeders] Los Locos Equine Services

Just wanted to let you all know that I did end up using Los Locos Equine Services out of Forest, Ohio to ship my fillies and I can recommend them 110% !!! Paul Stewart was wonderful handing the girls and took excellent care of them and they arrived in perfect condition. His wife Sue was pleasant and helpful during our many phone conversations.

These fillies had never gotten on a trailer before and Paul was patient and kind with them. They never so much as broke a sweat during their 12 ride and they were in perfect condition when they arrived. Paul called us several times while on the road to alert us of how far he was and that the horses were doing fine. Also that he made several stops to let them drink and rest. I highly recommend this small, family owned company and would do business with them again.


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